Bang, Bang You’re Dead!

A Play by William Mastrosimone

Directed by Lynn DeBree

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Cast List

Josh - Quinn Dennehy

Michael - J.P. Nalivka

Katie - Tracey Neighbor

Matt - Mac Taylor

Jessie - Sarah Powell

Emily - Marran Cleary

Mom - Caitlin Newman

Dad - Jeremy Pantoja

Drummer (Con) - Dan Oliver

Judge - Cindy Kuchtyn

Prosecutor - Teri Rask

Public Defender - Micaela Newman

Witness -Tia Fox

Jury Foreman - Sandra Nokes

Grandpa - Troy Carmichael

Cop - Dan Oliver

Principal - Micala Ross

Psychotherapist - Sarah Raymond

Rumors/Voice in the Dark 1 - Leah Cornish

Rumors/Voice in the Dark 2 - Breanna Ross

Rumors/Voice in the Dark 3 - Stephanie Dwyer

Rumors/Voice in the Dark 4 - Cindy Kuchtyn

Rumors/Voice in the Dark 5 - Sandra Nokes

Study Groups 1st Grade

Micaela Newman

Sarah Raymond

Breanna Ross

2nd Grade

Marran Cleary

Sandra Nokes

Troy Carmichael

3rd Grade

Mac Taylor

Micala Ross

Tia Fox

4th Grade

Dan Oliver

Leah Cornish

Teri Rask

5th Grade

Cindy Kuchtyn

Jeremy Pantoja

Caitlin Newman

6th Grade

J.P. Nalivka

Tracey Neighbor

Sarah Powell

Stephanie Dwyer

Tech Crew

Jeff Rice, Max Rudolph, Assistant - Brian Heald

Music - Sue Heald

Thanks for auditioning! Lynn 723-2300

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