We would like to thank all of the talented actors who came out to audition for The Wizard of Oz.  

Below you will find the final cast list.  Please indicate in the guest book if you will accept your role.

Munchkins -- Tuesday 3:30 to 5:30

Rest of the Cast -- Tuesday 7:00 to 10:00

If a cast member is under the age of 18 a PARENT MUST COME to the last hour of the first rehearsal.  (Parents who cannot attend must make prior arrangements with Lynn).

Please bring a pencil and be ready to have FUN!!



Dorothy Whitney Wickham Uncle Henry/Gatekeeper Scott King Tin Man/Hickory Dan Rice Lion/Zeke Ernie Larios Scarecrow/Huck Dave Platisha Miss Gultch/Wicked Witch Mary McMahon Glinda The Good Witch Betty Thiel Auntie Em Lucy Taylor Wizared of Oz/Prof. Marvel LeRoy Cottom
CROWS Crow 1 Sarah Raymond Crow 2 Micala Ross Crow 3 Athena Ehnot TREES Tree 1 Katrina Kujawa Tree 2 Sarah Powell Tree 3 Julia Dick JITTERBUGS Bug 1 Sadie Booth Bug 2 Allison Goodman Bug 3 Alex Nygaard Bug 4 Aleshia Sharkey Bug 5 Paul Lario BUG DANCERS B-Dancer 1 Rachel Markovich B-Dancer 2 Athena Ehnot B-Dancer 3 Cheri Taylor B-Dancer 4 Jessi Gates B-Dancer 5 Zoe Dureya B-Dancer 6 Katie Hursh B-Dancer 7 Sabrina White POPPIES Pop 1 Nicole Chelini Pop 2 Sarah Raymond Pop 3 Katie Hursh Pop 4 Rachel Markovich Pop 5 Amanda Garcia Pop 6 Emily Nokes Pop 7 Heather Brown Pop 8 Zoe Duryea Pop 9 Jessi Gates Pop 10 Tracey Neighbor MONKEYS Nikko Mac Taylor Monkey 1 Jeff Rice Monkey 2 Dan Cornish Monkey 3 Athena Ehnot Monkey 4 Sarah Raymond Monkey 5 Emily Nokes MONKEY PUPPETEERS Puppeteer 1 Sheena Rice Puppeteer 2 Chelsey Eklund Puppeteer 3 Shanna Eklund Puppeteer 4 Jenny Rice WINKIES Winkie General Dayne Robinson Winkie 1 Scott King Winkie 2 Levi Juhl Winkie 4 Max Rudolph Winkie 5 Nicole Chelini Winkie 6 Sean Taylor Winkie 7 Mary Booth Winkie 8 Steve Kocher Winkie 9 Scot Mulcahy Winkie 10 Jenny Rice Winkie 11 Jeff Rice Winkie 12 Dan Cornish Winkie 13 Mac Taylor OZIANS Beautician 1 Joanne McAllister Beautician 2 Thea Murray Beautician 3 Julia Dick Beautician 4 Katrina Kujawa Beautician 5 Zoe Dureya Polisher 1 Dayne Robinson Polisher 2 Jeff Rice Polisher 3 Steve Koucher Manicurist 1 Chriss Williamson Manicurist 2 Laura Weatherly Manicurist 3 Jessi Gates Manicurist 4 Cindy Fawcett OZ DANCERS Oz Tumbler 1 Sarah Raymond Oz Tumbler 2 Emily Nokes Oz Tumbler 3 Heather Brown Oz Tumbler 4 Rachel Markovich OZ Dancer 1 Thea Murray OZ Dancer 2 Sheena Rice OZ Dancer 3 Sarah Powell OZ Dancer 4 Sabrina White OZ Dancer 5 Nicole Chelini OZ Dancer 6 Micala Ross OZ Dancer 7 Katie Hursh OZ Dancer 9 Athena Ehnot OZ Dancer 10 Amanda Garcia OZ Dancer 11 Mary Booth OZ Dancer 12 Jenny Rice OZ Dancer 13 Caitlin DiGiovine OZ Dancer 14 Tracey Neighbor OZ Dancer 15 Allison Duplessis OZ SINGERS OZ Singer 1 Jessica Snyder OZ Singer 2 Chelsey Eklund OZ Singer 3 Shanna Eklund OZ Singer 4 Jessi Bates OZ Singer 5 Cindy Fawcett OZ Singer 6 Chriss Williamson OZ Singer 7 Krista Krueger OZ MEN Oz Man 1 Levi Juhl Oz Man 2 Dayne Robinson Oz Man 3 Max Rudolph Oz Man 4 Max Rudolph Oz Man 5 Steve Kocher Oz Man 6 Scot Mulcahy Oz Man 7 Jeff Rice Oz Man 8 Dan Cornish Oz Man 9 Mac Taylor CHOIR Caitlin Newman Janet Cornish Jennie Gwynn Sarah Falvey Tom Ross Lisa Stalker Pam Hogart Barbara Martin

	Munchkin Elder	Micala Ross
	Munchkin Mayor	Caitlin DiGiovine
	Munchkin Coroner	Katie Mulcaire-Jones
	Barrister	Breanna Ross
	 Father 1	Micaela Newman
	 Father 2	Katherine Freeman
	 Father 3	Katie Hill
	 Father 4	Trent Pietch
	 Father 5	Donald Bauer
	Bragart 	Mattison Wold
	Fiddler 	Camile Perry

	 Boy 1	Derrick Kruger
	 Boy 2	Simon Judd
	 Boy 3	Casey Nichols

	 Girl 1	Leah Cornish
	 Girl 2	Marcie Hernandez
	 Girl 3	Katura Sheehan
	 Girl 4	Alixis DiGiovine
	 Girl 5	Katie Walton
	 Teacher 1	Emily Munday
	 Teacher 2	Kayleigh Brown
	Head Munchkin 1	Michelle Richardson
	Head Munchkin 2	Laura Moon
	Munch 1	Abby Cummings
	Munch 2	Brianne Holland-Sterger
	Munch 3	Brooke Hueftle
	Munch 4	Danny McGrath
	Munch 5	Jenna McCarthy
	Munch 6	Kelsey Alley
	Munch 7	Kelsey Estabrook
	Munch 8	Kenzie McGrath
	Munch 9	Kimi Hueftle
	Munch 10	Lane McGrath
	Munch 11	Mariah McCarthy
	Munch 12	Rachel Yerkich
	Munch Dancer 1	Whitney Jennings
	Munch Dancer 2	Abby Fawcett
	Munch Dancer 3	Nicole Bauer
	Munch Dancer 4	Maggie Cummings
	Munch Dancer 5	Kristen Hueftle
	Munch Dancer 6	Tasha Nielipinski
	Munch Dancer 7	Lora Weitzel