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Tom Hewitt
The 44-year old Montana native nabbed a 2001 Tony nomination for his sly Dr. Frank N. Furter in The Rocky Horror Show.  In the fall, the suave singer played a charming cad in The Boys from Syracuse.  But fans who caught the new Frank Wildhorn musical Dracula at San Diego's Jolla Playhouse in 2001 are hopeful that Hewitt will again sink his teeth into the lead role when the show makes its rumored move to Broadway.

What turns him on "When I find people sexy, there's always a kind of unselfconsciousness about them.  If you can be slightly self-effacing about your sexiness, that's really fun."

Brought to a Boil by "Martha Clark'e Vienna:  Lusthaus.  She captured the abandon and sensuality that was popular in Vienna at the turn of the century."