JANE EYRE - Paper Mill Playhouse -- "Tom Hewitt is sensational. Here is a wonderful actor perhaps born 50 or so years too late and in the wrong country. Those British movie melodramas of the '40s would have made Hewitt an international star, more Stewart Granger perhaps than James Mason, but certainly Hollywood bound. New York Post

VANYA - Arena Stage -- "Hewitt gives Astrov such physical presence that you have only to look at him to understand what a tragedy his wasted life is. Hewitt makes the doctor intelligent, honst with himself and resigned, with periodic bursts of the high spirits that must have once been characteristic of him." Washington Post

BLITHE SPIRIT - Guthrie Theatre -- "Tom Hewitt's Charles combines suave charm, boyish befuddlement and infallible comic timing." Twincities Sidewalk

DEATH ON THE NILE - Shakespeare Theatre -- "Tom Hewitt makes a vital, intelligent, humorous Antony." Washington Post

ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA - Shakespeare Theatre -- "In the role of Antony, Tom Hewitt makes for a strong counterpoart to Cleopatra, with his resonant voice and decisive stage movements. His reation to the trumped-up new of Cleopatra's death was a particularly impressive rendering, as was his own subsequent death scene. The role of Antony requires a highly demanding duality of interpretation: one thta shows his commanding presence among the triumbirate in Rome, and another for his scenes of hedonistic dalliance with the naughty seductress of the Nile. Mr. Hewitt conveys both with skill, though some excess of rage in the later scenes seemed to obscure any spiritual awakening there may have been for this hubris-tormented soul." Review by Richard Gist Dec. 8, 1996


THEATER'S YEAR OF THE MEN -- Washington Post - Lloyd Rose (Jan. 5, 1997) -- How on earth are they going to decide the winners of the 1997 Helena Hayes Awards for best male performances? #3 - Tom Hewitt's fine Antony in the Shakespeare Theatre's "Antony and Cleopatra."