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Dracula Photos from LaJolla.

The following photos have been sent to me from people who has seen Tom in Rocky Horror Show. If you have any photos you would like to contribute please e-mail me at



Birthday gift for Tom from Sabrina Gordin
Tom and Aimee
Tom and Caroline
Tom and Caroline 2
Tom and Cindu
Tom and Deb
Tom and Mike Memphis
Tom and Mike Memphis 2
Tom and Sabrina
Tom and Lauryn
Tom Pam and Caitlin
Tom signing autographs from Annette
Tom’s Birthday from Sabrina 1
Tom’s Birthday from Sabrina 2
Tom’s Birthday from Sabrina 3
Tom’s Birthday from Sabrina 4
Travis and Shawmdawg
Tom and Aimee.

Tom and Caroline.

Tom and Caroline 2.

Tom and Cindi.

Tom and Deb.

Tom and Mike Memphis.

Tom and Mike Memphis 2.

Tom and Sabrina.

Tom and Lauryn.

Tom Pam and Caitlin.

Tom Signing Autographs from Annette.

Tom's Birthday from Sabrina 1.

Tom's Birthday from Sabrina 2.

Tom's Birthday from Sabrina 3.

Tom's Birthday from Sabrina 4.

Travis and Shawmdawg.

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